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Er staan diverse interviews met mij op YouTube. Neem gerust een kijkje!

De documentaire " Surviving Death", waar mijn mediumschap wordt gevolgd, is in januari 2021 op Netflix uitgekomen. De trailer staat op deze pagina.

 Interview voor het Spiritualistische blad "Two Worlds" in Engeland maart 2017.

Can you describe your first psychic experience? Assuming you were young, if you told your parents what was their reaction?

"When I was 11 years old, I moved with family to the countryside. In my bedroom I was aware of a girl. She told me her name was Anna and that she was buried in the garden. Six months later my parents changed the garden and bushes were removed. They found a gravestone of a girl with that same name. My parents never have been open to accept it".

What psychic gifts do you have? Where did you develop them?

"When I worked as a kinesiologist I had a lot of mediumistic experiences. My first workshop was in Holland and then at the AFC. My first experience there felt like coming home. After healing and mental mediumship, slowly the trance became important. A few years ago I was encouraged to sit for physical mediumship after having some physical phenomena. I was fortunate that two of the world most known physical mediums have sat with me more than once and are a big support".

Where were you born and when?

"I was born on the 10th of July 1976 in Tiel, in the middle of Holland, 30 minutes from Utrecht".

Where do you live now?

"I live in Almelo, in the East of Holland".

Were you raised in a particular religion?

"My mum comes from a Catholic family. My father is an atheist. He did not believe in life after life, but since my involvement in mediumship that slowly starts to change".

What was your first encounter with Spiritualism?

"My first encounter with Spiritualism was in 2007 and from then on I embraced Spiritualism as a way of life".

"I worked in psychology for 10 years and a few years in kinesiology. In 2010 I had to make a choice. Then I took the leap of faith into fulltime mediumship and I have never regretted it".

I see from your website that you are married and adopted “three beautiful children” in 2002, 2005 and 2008. What’s your husband’s name and occupation? Does he believe in life after death?

"I am happily married with Mario and we are together for 23 years now. He used to work as a technical designer and he does believe in life after life. He went to the AFC himself. He stopped working in 2016, as I travel a lot for my work. A balance was needed and this was a good choice for all. I am grateful for all the support that he gave me all those years".

Why did you decide to adopt the children? Can you tell me a little bit about them?

"We adopted 3 African American children from the US. I always had the wish to adopt children, so it was a natural choice when I heard we could not have biological children. They were all 2 weeks old when we embraced them as our own children and our youngest daughter was actually a surprise, as she was not planned. They truly are the most precious gift that life gave to us".

Holland is one of my favorite countries. Indeed, I lived in Amsterdam for a year in the 1990s. Apart from one centre, which has since closed down, there was practically nothing on the psychic scene. Is this because the Dutch aren’t particularly interested in the paranormal?

"In the beginning we had no Spiritualist churches and those who believed in life after life, in Holland it was more a combination of Spiritualism and Spiritism. We had our pioneers, but Spiritualism was not so imbedded here. One of the Dutch pioneers, Elise van Calcar, had a major impact at time of the start of Modern Spiritualism in Holland. She was the founder of the Dutch “ Two Worlds” and she personally knew Emma Hardinge Britten. One of her most famous books is called “ the Prophet” about Emanuel Swedenborg".

Do you know of many other mediums in Holland?

Mediumship became more known because of paranormal subjects on the radio and TV. I know other Dutch mediums; two of them are AFC tutors. One of my life projects is the Zwanenhof, a spiritual centre that was originally a monastery and retreat house. I started doing mediumship there in 2009 and invited other mediums, also colleagues from the AFC to join. This year we have over 23 courses, so I can honestly say that the Zwanenhof is now the biggest centre in Holland for mediumship and psychic development. We get people from all over the world! We have some good mediums in Holland now, but I do feel that it is a continuous process and that as a medium and teacher we have the responsibility to give a good understanding so that people can question for themselves the reality of Spirit".

The Dutch have a reputation for taking a liberal view of life. For instance, cannabis and prostitution are both legal in Holland. I agree with this policy, as when something is illegal it often goes underground and leads to gangs, criminality and money laundering, etc. What’s your stand on these issues?

"I do believe in free choice and I see the risk of going underground. It is not the case that you can get all of this on every street corner but being a parent I have the responsibility towards my children to educate them so that they can hopefully make choices that are in their best interest and not damaging to themselves and others".

Britons are shamefully bad at learning other languages. How many can you speak? Is it correct that Dutch children learn four or five languages?

"Children in school learn to speak English and some German and French. I speak English and German and understand French and a bit Italian".

I know that you have worked in Finland, Italy and Germany as well as England. Do you find much difference between people in various countries?

"In many countries there is difference in culture and habits. In Finland some people have a more inhibited personality but that is different in Italy and also in parts of the US people are much more open in communication. I do see a difference in expectations. In the US I experienced that people are open to mediumship, without expectations and with an open heart. In other countries I have worked, some people can be very demanding more interested in a personal message than in the message of continuity of life. But in the end of the day, we all have our unique journey and the language of Spirit is understood everywhere".

“Two Worlds” is not a political publication. However, one of the SNU’s principles is “The brotherhood of man.” With this in mind, how do you regard the UK leaving the European Union?

"I don’t have a great interest in politics. The principle tells us that we are all part of the universal creative force and therefor one family in God. To me the choice in leaving the EU is not in line with this principle as the operation of true brotherhood would create betterment to the lives of many, bringing equality, security and peace and that should be throughout the world. To be able to manifest that, I personally feel that creating boundaries hold back that process of living a universal brotherhood".

Back to mediumship! What’s the most satisfying aspect about being a medium?

"Every day I feel grateful to be of service to the Spirit World. Mediumship is a state of being, not a state of doing and I accepted that this is how my soul needs to express itself in this world. That is what makes me happy! I do believe that in all facets of mediumship healing should take place. To be able to be a part of that is satisfying to me".

You are an approved tutor at the Arthur Findlay College. What kind of courses do you run there?

"I don’t run courses at the AFC, but I worked there on several weeks: some of them were international weeks, general courses in mediumship and in 2016 I enjoyed being part of a great team on the “ Science and spirituality” week. My next course will be a German-speaking week".

The college’s website states that you have a passion for psychology and feel it is important to include this in the training of mediumship. Can you briefly explain why this is so?

"As an ambassador for Spirit you have a responsibility in what you do, what you are, and what you give to this world and to the world of Spirit. You work as a valuable vehicle for that power and it is important to know and to come closer to your Self and to create a more connected life that is true to you! I do feel that mediumship is a mirror of development of Self as developing that aspect of Self and being able to discern to me is most vital. We are never static human beings and the process of learning never ends. At the AFC and in other places I use positive psychology. Many students have problems with confidence and those techniques are very helpful. You have to heal yourself before you can heal others and to be able to express your mediumship to the best you can".

What was the best day in your life… and the worst?

"The moment when the children came into my life are three of my best days and the moment when I felt coming home in Spiritualism was also one of them. The worst was in 2013 when I was advised by doctors to stop working for 5-6 months after a car accident. Afterwards it all has been rewarding, but at that time it was a challenge not to be aware and to be able to work for and with the Spirit World".

Similarly, what are your best and worst points?

"I try to see the positive side of everything as I do believe that we learn from all that life offers us. I love to teach and know Iam a good organizer. I don’t give up easily and I am passionate. I am not good at doing administration as I just don’t like doing that and I had to learn to surrender more in life, which is an ongoing process but I am on my way".

What is your philosophy of life in no more than two or three sentences?

“Celebrate life and know that there are no mistakes in life, only unfinished success.”

Do you have any hobbies or special interests away from the psychic scene?

"Mediumship is my life and I enjoy spending time with my family. I used to play the piano, but simply don’ t have time now. If I am on vacation I like to read, but mainly Spiritualist books as I need that connection. I like to take walks with our dog and enjoy nature".

How do you relax at the end of the day?

"I love to spend time with my family so when I get home they have my time. When my children are in bed, I meditate as I need time on my own and then I just relax with a book or watching TV".

What would be your perfect weekend?

"My weekends are primetime in my work so I don’t have many weekends off but the perfect weekend to me would be to enjoy the summer with my husband and children near the beach and to be able to let go of all daily routines for just a few days and simply: enjoy each others company!"

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