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The Centre for Mediumship and Healing was established in 2009 and now continues as the Phoenix World. It all started with healing sessions and private sittings, but soon demonstrations of mediumship and teaching became a part of it. Now everyone can join and learn about healing, mediumship and trance, on location in Holland as well as online. In the Zwanenhof, the groups are in Dutch but online courses in different languages are offered. Also it is possible to attend healing services or other activities and you can find this on the website.

Phoenix World offers a wide variety to develop your mediumship. Mediumship is for everyone but not everyone has the ambition to become a medium. But mediumship in the way it is taught from the Phoenix Residence helps you to come closer to yourself as an ever evolving human being and to live more from your own expression. We are all unique and we all have something wonderful to offer to this world and the world of Spirit.

Phoenix World is accredited as an educational centre by CRKBO in Holland.